Okeanus Announces Acquisition of Modular Flotation Equipment

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Varying sizes and quantities of the modular buoys are available for rental to suit a wide range of projects.

HOUMA, La. – Okeanus Science and Technology, LLC (Okeanus) is pleased to announce the addition of two sizes of Trelleborg modular flotation buoys to its inventory of oceanographic and marine scientific rental equipment.

Built from syntactic foam, a buoyancy material commonly used by subsea vehicles, two types of modular buoys are available for rental from Okeanus. The Trelleborg micro buoy, suitable for larger flotation jobs, provides 204 lbs of uplift on the end unit, and 233 lbs of uplift on the mid-section units. The smaller Trelleborg nano buoy features 72 lbs of uplift on the end units, and 76 lbs of uplift on the mid-section units. Both mid-section units and end units of each buoy are available for rental.

Syntactic foam buoys, designed to be utilized mid-water column subsea, are used for offshore projects necessitating that an ROV hold a tool in a certain direction or otherwise be suspended at a certain depth. Okeanus’ team can build custom flotation packages with two end units and varying numbers of mid-section units to suit jobs with uplift requirements ranging from 70 to 700 lbs.

“We are extremely pleased to incorporate this selection of modular flotation equipment into our rental portfolio,” remarked Benton LeBlanc, Vice President and General Manager of Okeanus. “Whether a project requires the larger micro buoys or smaller nano buoys, the acquisition of this equipment allows Okeanus to build a modular flotation package to ensure that our customers in the subsea and oceanographic research and survey markets are receiving the specific uplift that their project requires.”