ROV Handling System

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The SOSI skid mounted A-Frame is a self-contained, portable handling system designed for launching and recovering medium to large working class ROV’s. The system includes a skid mounted A-Frame, integrated umbilical winch, multi-function docking head, local control station, and a stand-alone 75hp HPU. The umbilical winch can be configured with different drum sizes and levelwind sheaves, guide shoes or roller fairleads to suit a wide range of umbilical cables.


  • Umbilical winch
  • Diamond screw level wind
  • Automatic failsafe brake
  • Variable speed control
  • Personnel guards
  • Steel structure with 3 coat marine epoxy finish
  • Stainless steel shafts, bearings and hardware
  • 75 hp hydraulic power unit
  • Soft impact docking cone
  • 144 in. outboard reach
  • Levelwind clutch for manual adjustment


  • Docking head tilt function (for/aft)
  • Docking head lateral damping (side/side)
  • Docking head rotation (up to 270 degrees)
  • Pendant (wired) Remote Control
  • Environmentally sealed slip ring
  • LCI-90i cable data display
  • Lebus drum covers

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