Towfish – Fiberglass

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SOSI’s knowledge of underwater technology has enabled our staff to produce a portfolio of highly efficient fiberglass tow body vehicles. The majority of these underwater vehicles are neutrally buoyant towed bodies with fiberglass monocoque frames typically used for sonar applications. Systems may be constructed with internal aluminum framing, fiberglass exterior, and acoustically transparent polyethylene fairings over the transducers and arrays. The SOSI 12kHz Towfish (pictured) is an example of our fiberglass, neutrally buoyant towed bodies, which was specifically designed for low frequency swath bathymetric seafloor mapping systems.


  • Fiberglass monocoque design
  • Removable flotation modules
  • Hydrodynamically stable design
  • Easily accessible arrays & housing
  • Acoustically transparent array covers
  • Integral lift beam
  • Slight positive buoyancy
  • Stainless fasteners
  • Trim & ballast adjustment
  • Single point tow attachment


  • Internal aluminum frame
  • Tail drogue assembly with flasher & Iridium beacon
  • Acoustic/pressure actuated release

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