Bay Monitor Buoy

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The Bay Monitor Buoy is a small, robust, easily deployed shallow water data buoy that delivers the highest quality data set, and dramatically lowers operating and support costs.Using premium instrumentation with the highest initial accuracy and long-term stability means fewer service visits to the buoy. When service is required, technicians can service the buoy from a small boat without lifting capability,and access all sensors without diving or pulling the mooring


  • Solid closed-cell polyethylene foam encapsulated in a thick UV resistant polyurea skin.
  • Thru-hull instrument deployment provides topside access.
  • A modular integrated weather station (Vaisala WXT520).
  • Oceanographic and water quality sensors (WET Labs WQM, Nortek Aquadopp Profiler, Sea-Bird Inductive Modem MicroCATs).
  • Low-power buoy controller manages sensor data acquisition, storage and transmission, and monitoring of battery and solar charging.

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