Coastal Buoy

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SOSI’s Coastal Water Data Buoys are anchored systems designed for open water and coastal installation.CWDBs are usually deployed to serve national forecasting needs,maritime safety needs or to observe regional climate patterns.These buoys are configurable with a variety of meteorological and oceanographic sensors.Measurements from an open water buoy might include: wind and air surface variables,sea surface temperature,water conductivity, salinity and density,trace metals and water quality, oil spill fluorescence, PAR, UV-B, underwater video, barometric pressure, GPS and other data which is transmitted in real-time and relayed to its deplorer by Iridium or ARGO telemetry.


  • Power Options.
  • Alkaline Battery Pack.
  • Lithium Battery Pack.
  • Telemetry: Iridium Satellite, Argos Satellite, GSM.
  • Sensors: Sea Surface Temperature, Sea Surface Conductivity, Sea Surface UV-B & PAR, In Air UV-B & PAR, Current Profiling, Wind Speed & Direction Sensors, Air Temperature & Pressure, GPS, Shallow & Deep Water Mooring Systems, Inductively Coupled Sensors.
  • Installation & Maintenance Support.
  • Data Management Services.

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