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The SOSI OTW Series Oceanographic Tow Winches are designed for large towed body deployment and similar marine operations. These winches have a formed plate design and compact shape. Similarly, they contain cable guide sheaves in their level wind assemblies that can be instrumented for measurement of cable parameters such as line tension and scope. The OTWs are ruggedly designed for shipboard use and easy to install on your vessel, or vessels of opportunity. Their quality steel construction and epoxy finish provides long life even in the harshest marine environments. OTW’s simple, low-maintenance design and proven components insure dependable operation.


  • Separate electro-hydraulic power unit
  • Electro-active level wind
  • Fail-safe hydraulic brake
  • Manual control valve


  • Proportional remote control
  • Slip ring assembly
  • Manual brake
  • Cable speed, scope & load display
  • Dual hydraulic power packs
  • Stainless piping and fittings
  • Forklift channels in frame
  • Lifting eyes
  • Lebus grooved drum covers
  • Constant tension


Large towed bodies, survey systems, seafloor mapping, seafloow inspection, large water samplers, CTDs, ROV umbilical, bottom sampling, multicore, box core, gravity core, large grab sampler.

Product Specs

HorsepowerLine Size (Diameter)Length of CableLine Pull (Bare Drum)Line Speed (Bare Drum)

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