Okeanus Science & Technology is an international provider of marine and oceanographic rental equipment. Formed with the customer in mind, we invest in high-quality scientific research equipment for nearshore and offshore projects around the world, providing our customers access to the most advanced industry technology without the costs associated with equipment purchase and maintenance.

As a rental company focused on providing industry-leading customer service, Okeanus provides each customer with varying levels of support to ensure proper equipment function and integration. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced staff, available 24/7 for product support, will work with your team to select the best equipment components to complete your project on budget and on time, every time.


Okeanus’ rental portfolio encompasses equipment from top industry manufacturers that serve the metocean, water collection, geophysical, hydrographic, flotation, positioning, launch and recovery and sediment sampling markets. From water quality sensors to complex survey equipment, our entire catalog of rental equipment is maintained under exhaustive quality and calibration standards to assure immediate availability when you need it—as well as equipment reliability and accurate measurements at any depth.

With such an extensive and diverse inventory, the friendly staff at Okeanus can assess your project’s needs and design a custom equipment rental package to meet them—whether your project takes place in shallow coastal waters or in deep waters offshore.