SOSI ECO 500 Series

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The SOSI ECO 500 Winch is designed to support a wide range of instrumentation and sampling applications in estuaries, coastal oceans, and large lakes and reservoirs including CTD and water sample profiling, bottom grab sampling, plankton net towing, etc., using small diameter wire rope or electro-mechanical cables, up to 500lbs safe working load. Its compact and efficient design enables more sophisticated research operations to be performed on small vessels. The SOSI ECO Winch Series provides excellent speed control and real time cable awareness, allowing precise control of underwater sampling equipment and safe deck operations.


  • 100% duty cycle dynamic braking.
  • Automatic failsafe brake.
  • Variable speed control.
  • Local controls with joystick and E-stop button.
  • Aluminum frame with epoxy powdercoat finish.
  • Stainless steel shafts, bearings and hardware.


  • Diamond screw levelwind with manual hand clutch.
  • 1hp or 2hp configuration.
  • Wireless or wired remote control.
  • Line speed & payout display / Line tension display.
  • Environmentally-sealed slip ring w/waterproof connector.
  • Grooved drum covers.


Originally for the SeaBird SBE55 ECO Water Sampler, CTDs, water samplers, instramentation, small towed bodies, small plankton nets, small seafloor samplers, sidescan sonar, magnatometers, drop cameras, profiling

Product Specs

HorsepowerLine Size (Diameter)Length of CableLine Pull (Bare Drum)Line Speed (Bare Drum)

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