Okeanus 4,000lb SWL LARS

Okeanus by 

The system can be provided with either an Okeanus DT-1020EHLWR 20hp slip ring winch with 2,000m of .450” armored coax cable or an Okeanus DT-3025EHLWR 25hp slip ring winch with 3,200m of .322” armored coax cable, allowing customers to reach depths of up to 3,200m with whichever instrumentation package their project requires. Each winch is setup to operate the LARS A-Frame from the local controls on the winch utilizing the winches’ hydraulic systems for deployment and recovery.

The skid that the LARS is mounted to measures 13’6” long with the outside A-Frame supports by 7’ wide which allows for easy transportation and a rapid, cost-effective mobilization. The 4,000lb SWL A-Frame has inside clearances of 6’ wide by 8’ 8” high, allowing for clearance for most packages that this LARS can support.

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